Human Resources Level 2 Diploma


Human Resources Level 2 Diploma


Become part of an essential human resources team by adding this invaluable HR Diploma to your CV, and master the skills required to be an integral piece of the HR jigsaw. With our fantastic online courseware, you can learn all of the fundamental information related to human resources, so that you can continue your professional journey with success.

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Become part of an essential human resources team by adding this invaluable HR Diploma to your CV, and master the skills required to be an integral piece of the HR jigsaw. With our fantastic online courseware, you can learn all of the fundamental information related to human resources, so that you can continue your professional journey with success. Whether you’re running your own business and need a little know-how, or you’re hoping to work in the HR sector, within a larger enterprise, this diploma would be a perfect addition to your resume.

Complete in Fifteen Hours

On average, this HR Diploma course should take around 15 hours to complete, with an additional 30 minutes required for the final assessment. However, the joy of our flexible online study means that you can take as little, or as long, as you need to finish the course to the best of your ability. Our course is broken down into 20 bitesize modules – each taking between 15 and 60 minutes to complete – and covers all aspects of human resources, from good practice indicators and contract procedures to interview techniques and performance management. Sign up now and you can start as soon as you like!

Help a Business Run Smoothly

Any business, big or small, needs HR to run smoothly, and by the time you have worked through this diploma course, you will be able to play a pivotal role in the operation of a business. Add this industry-recognised qualification to your skill set today, and get the ball rolling!

Key Learning Points

The HR Diploma is recommended for anyone wishing to enjoy a career in human resources, whether you’re in a position to help a business keep staff rapport strong, you wish to work as part of an outsourcing team, or you run your own business and would like to learn more about this essential part of daily operations.

  • Learn more about what human resources is, its purpose and the advantages/disadvantages of HR outsourcing and in-house management.
  • Have a look at what good practice includes, and its indicators.
  • Understand more about interview techniques, how to prepare for an interview and the legal responsibilities that exist when interviewing employees and candidates.
  • Appreciate the steps that need to be taken when preparing for a new employee, including training, documentation and induction.
  • Learn more about contracts, documents and procedures, and what needs to be added to policies and manuals in order to ensure every base is covered.
  • Understand more about what human capital management is, and get to grips with some of the HR skills required to succeed, including the purpose of an HR toolkit.
  • Gain insight into corporate social responsibility, including strategy development and green practices.
  • Take a look at how to effectively manage relationships, including organisational behaviour, motivation, commitment and performance management.
  • Understand the need for training and development, and learn more about what should be included in a training programme in order for a career to develop.
  • Recognise some of the legal considerations that need to be implemented, including compensation, leave and benefits.
  • Appreciate how technology has impacted HR and its evolution.
  • Cover aspects of HR including strategic planning, and how to deal with workplace violence, discrimination and bullying.

Advantages of the Course

  • Online study, offering convenience and flexibility to every student. Work through the course material at times that suit you, with no pressure or deadlines to adhere to.
  • Courseware can be accessed 24/7, meaning you can study around your existing work and home commitments.
  • Compatible with all the major browsers and platforms, so you can learn at home or on the go. All you need is an internet connection!
  • Jam-packed modules ensure you have access to comprehensive information on HR.

Start your career off on the right footing, and sign up to this invaluable HR Diploma, today!


This course is CPD certified. 

Introduction to Human Resources
  • What is human resources?
  • What is the purpose of human resources?
  • HR outsourcing vs in-house management
  • Advantages and disadvantages of HR departments
Practicing Human Resources
  • Practicing human resources
  • HR good practices
  • Good practice indicators
  • Human resource management
The Interview
  • Legal responsibilities of an interviewer
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Setting up an interviewee database
  • Questioning techniques
New Employees
  • Preparing for a new employee
  • New employee induction
  • Training
  • Documentation
Contracts, Documents, and Procedures
  • Contract of employment guidelines
  • Example contract
  • Personnel records
  • Disciplinary action and grievance procedures
Human Capital Management
  • What is human capital management?
  • Understanding human capital management
  • Identifying what human capital management involves
  • Important duties
HR Skills
  • Management skills.
  • Personal traits
  • Areas to work on.
  • Key skill areas.
HR Toolkit
  • HR toolkit purpose.
  • What the toolkit provides.
  • What to include in the toolkit.
  • Benefits of a HR toolkit.
Corporate Social Responsibility
  • What corporate social responsibility means and how it impacts human resources.
  • Implementing green practices.
  • Key areas.
  • Strategy development.
Organisational Behaviour
  • What is organisational behaviour?
  • Organisational behaviour and management
  • Approaches to organisational behaviour
  • Organisational behaviour model
Managing Relationships
  • Relationship management
  • Expectations
  • Interaction styles
  • Team dynamics
Motivation and Commitment
  • Understanding motivation and commitment in companies
  • Retention
  • Cost of employee turnover
  • Why employees become demotivated
Performance Management, Evaluations and Feedback
  • History of performance management
  • Outcomes
  • Research
  • Guiding principles
Training and Development
  • Topics for employee training
  • Benefits
  • Career and management development
  • Effective employee training programmes
Legal Considerations
  • Definitions
  • Contract of employment
  • Types of contracts
  • Discrimination
Career Development / Opportunities
  • Positions within the human resources industry
  • Career development opportunities
  • Understanding career development within a company
  • Career development plan
  • Impact of technology on HR
  • Technology trends
  • Benefits of technology in HR
  • Technology and the evolution of HR
Benefits / Compensation / Leave / Overtime / Insurance
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Leave
  • Overtime
Strategic Planning / Mission Statements / Optimal Staffing
  • Strategic planning
  • Mission statements
  • Mission statement examples
  • Optimal staffing
Dealing with Workplace Violence / Bullying / Conflict Resolution
  • Understanding work place violence
  • Preventing and addressing bullying
  • Resolving conflict


Human Resources Course

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